UpOnline’s Anti-Spam Policy

Spam devalues our service as well as your communications.

Our clients’ mailing lists are strictly opt-in, permission based, and referral emails. Our clients authorize us to use their lists solely for the services for which they are subscribers. We do not and will not sell or rent any client email list. Only UpOnline and its authorized partners (entities performing services on behalf of UpOnline) have access to a client list.

We assist all our customers in insuring that their lists are clean and that their gathering practices are sound. We are happy to do this because the reputation of our company and our services is on the line every time we send a campaign. Proper list handling practices are important all new clients guided through the process.

Do you think you have received Spam from an UpOnline client? Please send an email to abuse@uponline.com with any information.

Use of any UpOnline service for spam is strictly forbidden. UpOnline reserves the right to refuse service as well as cease offering our services to individuals or organizations that we feel are abusing an email list or are not using a permission based list.

UpOnline handles most unsubscribe requests directly on behalf of our clients. Unsubscribe links are placed in email campaigns allowing easy unsubscribe functionality. If we receive an unusual number of unsubscribers for any campaign, the client is placed under observation and their list is reviewed in detail to evaluate the legitimacy of their member gathering techniques.

UpOnline also reserves the right to make public the names of any individual or organization that it finds in violation of the ethical use of email lists. We do our best to keep spam out of in-boxes and insist that our clients do the same.

In a nut shell:

Your list is your list, we will only use it for what you give us permission to use it for. If we feel that your list is not your list we won’t use it … even for you.

We are vigilant in our efforts to curb spam not only through automated systems that run on our systems but also by participating in anti-spam workgroups, promoting legitimate forms of email marketing, and educating and advising political officials. The banishment of spam is in all our best interests.

If you use your list for good, we believe that good will come from it… Our services will help you grow your list, and offer you numerous ways to keep your customers informed and happy.