Over 15 years of online dental marketing experience!

UpOnline has been helping healthcare professionals for over 15 years. Starting as an advanced website design and online database management provider, UpOnline developed services and tools to address the online marketing needs of customers using software-as-a-service platform, now better known to most as cloud-based services.

UpOnline's tools for email deployment and tracking, surveys, and contests, were originally available as self-serve tools for our own customers, and shortly thereafter to businesses of all sizes. In 2008, UpOnline started developing additional tools to serve another growing industry, online fundraising. Since 2009, UpOnline has helped raise almost a quarter million dollars in runs of our services and secured contracts for additional online fundraising events. All without a dedicated sales force in this market.

Full-service consulting and dedicated client representatives arose as a way to package UpOnline's tools with best practices and experience to maximize results for various industries. As we began to receive more and more healthcare professional referrals we developed a package specifically for that industry.

UpOnline continues to evolve its services in a constantly-changing environment to meet clients' needs and help them capitalize on emerging technologies. Our multi-industry approach has allowed us to grow in all economic climates and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Most of our new business comes from referrals from our existing clients. Our service business model ensures a ongoing flow of revenue from existing clients which funds ongoing development and service enhancements.


A problem solver at heart, Oren started applying those skills professionally while studying at the University of Toronto for Software Engineering, founding startups in the areas mobile software development, SaaS platforms, and IT Management.

Those experiences along with skills and clients picked up along the way led to launching UpOnline in 2002 originally as a way to provide online marketing services to existing customers.

"Our service offerings have grown tremendously since those early days. With packaged solutions for multiple verticals, our staff can maximize results for clients through good processes and best practices at a great price point."

Small enough to be nimble, large enough to tackle a wide variety of projects and clients in both lead and supporting roles.

"I try to create an environment where our staff get to work on projects from all sides in multiple roles. It backs up the claim that our customer service alone separates us from most others in our field and gives our staff a depth of knowledge and understanding not found elsewhere."

When not working, Oren can usually be found being a parent to a happy dog and happier young children, enjoying life with his wife Anat, and doing some very hands-on renovations at home or with friends.


LeVi started at UpOnline as an intern in the summer of 2019 and officially joined the team as a client manager in September the same year. Her favourite things to do at work include designing and building websites, creating graphics, and writing content for SEO. LeVi always aims for a simple but efficient, logical, and elegant design in her work.

Outside of the office, LeVi enjoys going on walks to explore Toronto with her family, trying out new restaurants and nerding out about movies with anyone who would listen.


Hassaan joined UpOnline as an intern in September 2021 and became a full-time client manager in November. His favourite part of the digital marketing field is social media content creation and designing websites. He also loves to take on unique projects and make each day different from the previous!

In his free time, Hassaan loves to go out with friends and try new things, whether that is new food or new activities. He loves escape rooms and board game cafes in particular! He also likes to play video games.

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