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ODA Annual Spring Meeting - May 5-6, 2016 - Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Booth 1727! (New corner booth - more central location!)

UpOnline welcomes ODA members and exhibitors
Thursday May 5th - Friday May 6th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre - South.
Bring your best smile, we'll be watching! #uponlinesmiles

Meet your Client Managers face-to-face. Talk shop! Meet our brand artists and gurus. Let's get working for you!

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AACD Toronto - April 28-30, 2016 - Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Can't Wait! Not Sleeping! Booth 1428!

UpOnline welcomes AACD members and exhibitors
Thursday April 28 - Saturday April 30th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Bring your best smile, we'll be watching!


We launched our new blog!

Happy to announce that we've launched our blog to provide you with content about the latest marketing trends and insights on how to grow your business. First topic: Should I be using SEO or PPC to generate more business? Read on to learn more.

20th Anniversary of the Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation's Golf Classic

UpOnline was a proud sponsor of the 20th anniversary Dr. Jay Golf Classic on Monday, June 8th at Thornhill Golf and Country Club.

The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation provides Palliative Care funding and support for children, helping families face terminal illness with dignity and determination. Since the first Dr. Jay Golf Classic in 1996, the tournament has raised over $3,500,000.

Our group braved the elements and was rewarded as the rain cleared just in time for us to enjoy our round of golf, followed by a moving presentation from the Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation, members of the Grief Program, and a great dinner.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation, and the amazing Dr. Jay Children's Grief Program, please click here.

Google SEO and Mobile Optimized Websites

Starting on April 21st, Google will begin prioritizing mobile-optimized websites, thus affecting rankings for searches on mobile devices. To help web developers, Google has also publicly released the criteria used to determine if a site is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

At UpOnline all websites created are mobile-friendly, meaning all elements of the site function as they should and render well across multiple mobile devices. However not all sites are currently considered mobile-optimized based on Google's new standards.

We have always offered mobile-optimized microsites as an add-on to our services, however we are also committed to maintaining best SEO practices. Now that Google is making mobile-optimized sites a major factor in your mobile search rankings, our solution is to provide your practice with a mobile-optimized microsite free of charge.

What Your Mobile Optimized Microsite Includes Your mobile-optimized microsite will be automatically shown to anyone viewing on a mobile browser and will include a link to view the 'desktop site'. It will also include links to:
  • Call the office
  • Find the office (using Google Maps App)
  • Request an appointment
  • Sign up for the newsletter
  • A list of services that link back to the 'desktop site'.
You may choose to have ALL your pages mobile-optimized for an extra fee, but we still maintain that it is not necessary as most people viewing from mobile are generally not looking for information beyond contact and location information.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

We are busy collecting, tabulating and reviewing all the data we have received from the annual Patient Satisfaction Survey. This year, we took a deeper look at the services you offer by matching dental problems with possible treatment options. We will be able to provide context for your success by comparing your results to the average dental office and to results from 2014. If you have not already done so, please click here to arrange with your client representative to send your survey.

For practices that sent the survey in February, you can expect to see results in April.

We are also making the survey available in paper form, to be used in office throughout the year.

All practices should look forward to seeing a report covering the drivers of overall satisfaction, so stay tuned.

ODA Annual Spring Meeting

UpOnline will once again be present at the ODA's Annual Spring Meeting. Are you going to be one of the 11,000+ attendees? Be sure to find us amongst the 75,000 square feet of exhibition space, look for our friendly faces at booth 1915. Come relax in one of our comfortable chairs and speak to us about how we can help maximize your services.

New Comprehensive Reports

By now, you should have received your copy of our new and revamped reports. In addition to regular email updates, UpOnline is now grouping together multiple sources of data and condensing it down to an easily understood and actionable report. We will be sending out additional quarterly reports to all our clients moving forward. The report covers many areas including:
  • Website Traffic
  • Website Behaviour
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Newsletters Engagement
  • Social Media insights
Your first report gives a solid baseline for performance and we will be able to revisit those numbers and see how they compare with your performance a year from now and going forward.

Where are they now?

We have some great news to pass on about favourite UpOnline alumnus, Kevin Plener. Kevin recently finished writing a children's book he has been working on for years and it has been published!

The book is called 'Bubie and Zaidy's Vilde Chaya', It is a story of an overactive boy, confused by the literal translation of a Yiddish expression used by his grandparents to describe him, Vilde Chaya. Click here to learn about the book!

       News and Information
ODA Toronto - May 5-6 - Booth 727 - Metro Toronto Convention Centre - South

AACD Toronto - April 28-30 - Booth 1428
UpOnline Sponsors the Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation's Golf Classic

Google Changes Mobile Website Priority

Patient Satisfaction Survey

New Comprehensive Reports

Where are they now?

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