For surveys or quizzes that are aimed at recognizing trends, SurveySOURCE creates a flash animation for your questions. You can use predesigned backrounds, supply your own, or chose to have UpOnline’s design team create completely customized backings with your branding incorporated.

Once a client has answered a question they are treated to an animation representing the current statistics. This allows participants to see how their answers compare with those who have already completed the survey.

The flash presentation creates a higher participation rate offering many easy ways to grab the attention of participants.


More Information

For surveys requiring more detailed results, such as individually tracked answers and analysis, SurveySOURCE offers more traditional interfaces.

Answers can be yes/no, strongly agree-somewhat-strongly disagree, choose one of x, expand on an answer, and any number of other possibilities to offer you the most useful results.

SurveySOURCE is one of the most powerful tools in the UpOnline eMarketing arsenal. Using SurveySOURCE in conjunction with other tools such as LotterySOURCE will increase participation rates. The convinience of combining UpOnline's MailSOURCE tool gives you the power to bring the survey directly to you audiences email boxes.


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