MailSOURCE Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I don't have a newsletter?
You should! Email marketing has proven to be extremely beneficial for both bricks and mortar companies and online businesses. UpOnline offers self and full-service solutions that can into play at any stage of your marketing initiatives. We give you quick execution time, and rapid return on investment.

2. I already send a newsletter, why should I send it through UpOnline?
UpOnline's technology enables you to send enhanced eye-catching newsletters that really wow your customers. UpOnline then tracks all aspects of your email campaign in real-time, allowing you to literally see how your customers are responding to your newsletter.

3. I use a third party sender already; they say I can track some details of my correspondence, what make your service different?
We are happy to do an analysis of your existing newsletter submission to show you how UpOnline MailSOURCE can increase your ROI. While other eMarketing companies provide services similar to MailSOURCE, few can provide the level of detail and customer service, especially at our prices.

4. What do I need to send you?
The first step with any new client is to create a newsletter template that suits your needs. We will help you create the proper look and feel for your campaigns that extends on your existing branding efforts. The second step is for your business to compose newsletter content as often as you wish to send newsletters. We will help you devise your eMarketing strategy and advise you on how best to take advantage of surveys, polls, contests, and other features in your campaign.

5. How long in advance do I need to send you my newsletter?
For our full-serve clients we ask that we have all required information 24 hours before the campaign is to be deployed. This time is used to ensure compatibility with email readers and popular web mail services as well as ensuring the integrity of your email list. Our self-serve clients’ campaigns are deployed as scheduled using our automated system.

6. What subscription options do you have? How many emails can I send?
Depending on how often you want to send newsletters, and the size of your list, we will work with you to assemble the package that suits your needs. Most clients take advantage of a 12-month subscription to get steep discounts and send on average two campaigns a month.

7. How much does your service cost?
Depending on how many newsletters you send during a month or year, and the size of your mailing list, your costs can be as low as half a cent per email. Average costs range from five to ten cents an email.

8. What can I put in my newsletter besides content?
UpOnline offers a variety of campaign add-ons to increase customer response and satisfaction. These include customer surveys, contest submission forms and even the embedding of video or Macromedia® Flash™ Animations.

9. How do I know what my newsletter will look like on different email providers?
As part of your full-serve MailSOURCE subscription, we test your newsletter on all popular email readers as well as web mail services. We make sure your message is always delivered in the way you intended it to be.

10. How can you track what my readers are doing?
UpOnline MailSOURCE has been developed specifically for marketers. The maturation of various email and other tracking technologies combined together into a powerful information gathering system has led to an arsenal of UpOnline products. We'll be happy to provide you with any technical descriptions required.

11. What is Spam?
Spam is the unacceptable practice of sending unsolicited mass mailings, usually to entice the reader to purchase products over the Internet. UpOnline refuses to send Spam and all our clients sign contracts ensuring that they are using their own customer lists or rented opt-in lists and agree to our anti-Spam policies. UpOnline is a permission-based email marketer. Read our Anti-Spam policy for more information.

12. What is viral marketing? Can your services help me expand my email list?
Viral marketing is using your existing client base to recruit new list-members and potential customers. This can be done through "refer-a-friend", "forward to a friend" and referral contests embedded into your campaign. Additionally, a "subscribe to our newsletter" link is provided by UpOnline to place on your site.

13. What do I do if I have a problem with my service (i.e. password or other technical issue)?
UpOnline personnel are always available to help with any problems you may have. A contact person is assigned to your company when you join UpOnline and support services are available via Fax, Phone, and Email.

14. How do I get started?
Contact your UpOnline representative and we will start you on your way!

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