LotterySOURCE Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can a LotterySOURCE contest benefit my current marketing practices?
Contests are a great way to stay in contact with your customers and your potential customers. Communications with those groups allow you new opportunities to promote your existing or new products and services. LotterySOURCE’s two main benefits are enabling companies to use viral marketing, and learning more about your audience. Viral marketing is the process where it becomes easy for your customers to refer new prospective customers through contests, refer-a-friend links in newsletters, and send-to-a-friend links on websites.

2. How do I know people entering my LotterySOURCE contest are giving their real email addresses?
People entering contests are more likely to give their real email address as opposed to a fake one because in order to win or claim a prize, they must respond through the email address entered.

3. Can I control how many times people enter a LotterySOURCE contest?
UpOnline offers many options to control your contest. Entrants can enter once, once a day, or as many times as you want.

4. How are LotterySOURCE contest winners choosen?
UpOnline acts as the unbiased third party needed to choose most contest winners. Built-in to LotterySOURCE reporting tools are random number generators that allow our clients to automatically select winners from entrant lists, referral lists, and combined lists.

5. How long in advance do I need to send you contest ideas? What is your turn over time?
Self-serve LotterySOURCE lets you create lotteries whenever you wish. If you are a full-serve customer, contest ideas and delivery times are discussed as part of your overall eMarketing strategy.

6. What information can I gain from running a LotterySOURCE contest?
LotterySOURCE users can collect standard entry information (including name, email address, and referred names and email addresses), or choose from extended templates that they can customize to include demographic and other information.

7. How much does your LotterySOURCE service cost?
LotterySOURCE is included in every MailSOURCE full-serve package. Self-serve LotterySOURCE starts at $75 per month for each contest.

8. What other services work well with LotterySOURCE?
Most UpOnline products offer even greater results when used in conjuction with one another. A newsletter that invites readers to enter a contest by referring their friends, or a contest awarding entrants of a SurveySOURCE campaign.

9. Do you offer any packages where I can use all of UpOnline's services?
UpOnline recommends Full-Serve MailSOURCE to handle all your eMarketing needs. A subscription to Full-Serve UpOnline MailSOURCE enables you full access to all UpOnline eMarketing tools!

10. What do I do if I have a problem with my service (i.e. password or other technical issue)?
UpOnline personnel are always available to help with any problems you may have. A contact person is assigned to your company when you join UpOnline and support services are available via Fax, Phone, and Email.

11. How do I get started?
Contact your UpOnline representative and we will start you on your way!


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