eStationery Frequently Asked Questions

Why now?

Until recently, email Stationery products in general could not be offered to businesses due to lagging compatibility and implementation issues. A unique combination of existing and new technologies allows UpOnline eStationery to be fully compatible with all email systems that can deliver enhanced messages while at the same time fully backward compatible with older or non-enhanced, text only email systems. UpOnline makes sure your message will be delivered!

1. What if I don't have an e-mail address?
No Problem! An email address will be provided for you with eStationery if you need it! Most users prefer to switch over to our webmail system entirely and save costs!

2. What if I don't have a website or domain name from which my email address can be based?
No Problem! UpOnline can purchase a domain name on your behalf. We are an approved domain name registrar.

3. How do I use eStationery?
If you are an Outlook or Outlook Express user, you can install the eStationery Add-on for Outlook to use eStationery right in Outlook! If you currently use a webmail system, you can switch over to our enhanced eStationery webmail system.

4. How do I design the eStationery that I want?
We'll make it easy for you! Send us your graphics and logos and your ideas! We'll design an eStationery template with you, making sure we carry your branding and feel through your email.

5. What if I want to change my eStationery?
Sure! eStationery is a subscription based service. We are always there to provide you with new ideas and solve any issues you might have.

6. Why can't I just design my own stationery and use it without your service?
While some mail programs offer cutesy stationery options, they don't come close to UpOnline eStationery. We offer hosted graphics, rotating and animated logo features and a professional design. Our system is compatible with all popular webmail services on the Internet. If you just want to add a butterfly or puppy dog to your emails, then we suggest looking elsewhere.

7. What if I switch to your service and have a problem with my email?
Qualified and experienced staff supports all our products and services. If you have a problem using our services, we will be happy to solve it.

8. Will my recipient always be able to read my email?
If any recipient cannot view your enhanced message, they will see your message in plain-text form just like all their other messages. Your message will be delivered!

9. How do I get started?
Contact your UpOnline representative and we will start you on your way!


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