“It’s done!” exclaimed Oren Baum, founder of UpOnline eMarketing. After months of consulting, designing, programming, bug testing, eating sleeping and breathing the Internet, UpOnline eMarketing introduced its new website. With this new site comes a barrage of information and services making UpOnline second to none in offering its clients top notch eMarketing.

Full-serve customers have come to expect UpOnline to consult, advise and create innovative campaigns, allowing them to get the most out of each contact on their lists. They have taken advantage of UpOnline’s MailSOURCE service to distribute and track their mass email campaigns. Many have used SurveySOURCE and LotterySOURCE to get even more detailed results from their efforts. The results have left our clients so pleased that they regularly refer new business to UpOnline.

The new site and services come as a result of these referrals. UpOnline works with each of its full-serve customers to build and enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns. Yet more and more referrals, have requested that UpOnline offer a less intensive service. They’ve tried the competition, but have been left unsatisfied. They don’t have time to fiddle with template design programs, they already have templates designed or are looking to have them designed professionally. They simply want a straight forward system whereby they can manage their email lists, send their campaigns, track the results and download all of the results in an easy to read, presentation ready fashion. In response UpOnline has taken all of the repeat requests and put them together in its self-serve system.

To satisfy the ever-growing list of self-serve users of UpOnline eMarketing services has created an entire new look and feel. The self-serve system allows customers the do it yourself experience that they have been asking for. Yet, understanding that customer service is how their business has grown, UpOnline still offers uncompromised service ensuring that the pattern of referrals will continue long into the foreseeable future. The crew at UpOnline are inviting everyone they can reach to go visit the new site and why not?...It’s that good!






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