In a recent conversation with Oren Baum, the founder of UpOnline eMarketing shared his thoughts.

KP: “What do you actually do?”

OB: “We make businesses more money”

KP: “What are you talking about?”

OB: “We let businesses cultivate relationships with their existing clients and use them to refer new ones?”

KP: “And?”

OB: “We allow clients to introduce new products and services while up-selling at every stage.”

Oren noticed my puzzled expression and continued,

OB: “We help clients keep their products and services top-of-mind with current and potential customers.”

I’ve heard this conversation transpire countless times at the beginning of UpOnline meetings. Each time I see the look in the recipient’s expression go from pessimistic to interested to hooked to UpOnline Client.

After the success that UpOnline eMarketing has been experiencing of late, we realized that we had to be doing something right. Still we wanted quantifiable proof to back up our bold claim, “we make other people money”. UpOnline clients had been successfully using our suggestions and been elated by the results.

Recently UpOnline asked its clients to talk about our services. The clients ranged from online retail and wholesalers to musical acts and online magazines. The comments went well beyond what the crew at UpOnline expected. We knew that emarketing was cost effective reliable means of getting more from your contacts, but now we have some testimonials to share.

When asked to discuss sales that could be associated with UpOnline services;

“Art Leather of Canada’s online sales have increased 40% since we started using UpOnline’s eMarketing services back in September 2002.” (M. Silver, ALC Marketing Director)

“Ketubah Ketubah doubled it’s online sales during a three month trial period using UpOnline’s services.” (A. Golberg, Ketubah Ketubah Operations/Marketing)

When asked to tell us about web traffic and click-thrus;

“fashionWATCH has seen a 300% increase in visits to our fashion websites and continues to track steady growth as a result of ongoing MailSOURCE campaigns, LotterySOURCE contests and SurveySOURCE surveys.” (Edward James, fashionWATCH Creative Director)

“My contact list has steadily grown with each MailSOURCE campaign I send … MailSOURCE has increased both my reach and my client list.” (J. Baum, Financial Advisor)

Referrals are a sign of good business after all. UpOnline’s clients have spoken, and speak best by referring us their friends and colleagues. Why don’t you give us a call? Remember, we make businesses more money!

Speak to you soon,

The crew at UpOnline






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